Bekina Wellingtons

Bekina knows their thing because they have over 55 years of experience. Using neotane technology and the highest craftsmanship to produce the Bekina range of wellingtons. Bekina wellies are ideal for the farming side of things. The latest Bekina boots are the full safety boot. It has a protective toe cap that’s non-metallic and midsole. These Bekina Wellingtons are made from polyurethane, it makes them lighter, safer and warmer than the classic rubber boots. The Steplite XCi are the boots we are talking about and they are great for both summer and winter boot. With the Bekina boots, they offer you comfort and premium insulating properties.

Designed for long and intensive use that’s why Bekina outer layer is strong and impermeable. Natural skin is formed which protects the cell structure against the dirt and penetration of various chemicals, this is formed during the curing process of the boots after production. You can easily wipe the outers surface after you’ve been wearing them all day, so there’s no excuse to be scared of getting dirty.

Thees boots is made from neotane, which consist of millions of tiny air bubbles, in a result of this it makes the bots light and flexible. The air is a perfect insulator. Our boots keep your feet warm in the cold and provide the necessary cool in the summertime heat.

Please come and visit our store at Staffordshire Farm shop, Country store, Frogall road, Ipstones, Staffordshire ST10 2NA. We are sure we have the right footwear for your personal use or for a family member. Alternatively, give us a call on 01538 266718 for further information.