Redback Boots

If you are looking for a comfortable design of boot, or a safety design of work boots then look no further the Redback work boot. Redback work boots are 100% Australian made. The boots are built to last, also they have slip resistant sole and sturdy so they are reliable and idea for a workplace. Redback boots are a massive thing in Australia but are quickly becoming a big favourite in the UK as well.

The boots are inspired by outback work. Redback boots are designed and feature, full-grain leathers and good materials. These work boots are amazingly comfortable and will absorb as much shock you can give it. If you know you’re going to be on your feet all day long, these redback work boots are the ones you can rely on to work as hard as you do to protect and make your feet comfortable.

Redback are 6-inch slip-on boots. Us at the country store stock both versions of the boot. These boots feature 100% full-grain leather and can be easily be taken on and off. Redback boots soles are made from thermoplastic Polyurethane, which makes them resistant to oil and acid and also, they are slip resistant. The polyurethanes midsoles in the boots are shock absorbing.

The only difference between the two boots is that the safety boots have a steel toe cap to protect your feet from hard impacts.

So, if you are looking for either safety boots or just normal work come down to the country store or email us at If you would like a quicker response call us on 01538 266718