Calor Gas & LPG

We deliver Calor Gas in our local St10 postcode area (Stoke) free of charge, please call us on 01538 266718 to discuss.

Please note: An empty bottle does need to be exchanged

Liquefied Petroleum Gas also known as LPG is a hydrocarbon gas that is in a liquefied form.

It comes in two forms, they are: Butane and Propane; both are still LPG but differences are their chemical properties making them suited to specific uses.

Propane is primarily used for BBQs, off-grid domestic central heating, gas cookers & caravans it's the right time to tell everyone that we are stockists of Calor Gas. But it's not just for BBQ's, many pieces of outdoor equipment, heaters and machinery operate using Calor gas!
Butane is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, is also often used as refrigeration fuel & cigarette lighters

If you haven't got a bottle give us a call and we'll be happy to give you a helping hand! We stock Calor bottled Gas and offer a free ST postcode delivery service.

Calor gas refills are available 24/7 with our easy online ordering system.

We offer discounted Calor LPG supplies. We have Butane bottles in 4.5kg, 7kg, 12kg and 15kg. Propane in 3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg. 12kg and 18kg available for fork lift trucks. 19kg and 47kg are included in our multibuy offer. Bbq and patio gas also available in 5kg and 13kg.