Aigle Wellingtons

In 1853 Aigle wellington boots has been changing the way we use rubber in craftsmanship. Originating in France. The heart to the design for the Aigle wellington collection comes from high standards and attention to the detail.

Aigle are now a leading designer in rubber footwear. By combing authenticity, style and practicality with quality and attention to detail, with over 160 years of experience they have mastered the ability to protect your feet from the elements of the cold.

Aigles biggest focus is on designing products that allow people to be able to enjoy nature without worrying about if their product will be able to handle it.

The first range of wellies in the world to incorporate the new `anti-fatigue` technology is the new range of Parcours. These allow you to walk further without getting tired. Parcours are rubber boots that insulate from the cold down to-20 degrees with their 4.5mm thick neoprene linings. Whether it’s to wear to for walking the dog, farming, shooting or just general outdoor use Aigle wellies are the most comfortable and reliable wellington boots out on the market.

All of our Aigle wellingtons are perfect for all-day wear, Aigle wellington is not just for adults they are great for children too. The children’s boots are great for still being able to play. To avoid the little ones slipping their moulding rubber outsole is notched. All of boots are crafted under the eye of specialist from start to finish to make sure that they meet the specifications and requirements.

Please come and visit our store at Staffordshire Farm shop, Country store, Frogall road, Ipstones, Staffordshire ST10 2NA. We are sure we have the right footwear for your personal use or for a family member. Alternatively, visit call us on 01538 266718 for any more information or questions you may have.