Dickies Clothing

All the way back in 1922 is when the Dickies company started, but since then it has strengthened itself in providing garments. Dickies have been making quality workwear clothing since then.

These garments offer protection and safety as well as toughness and great quality. Dickies is a global leader in workwear with over 90 years’ experience. The Dickies brand is well loved and known for their quality. If you would like to have top-notch gear for you and your team, you can’t go wrong with Dickies workwear.

Dickies offer a bib and brace overall, this is great for working hard day in day out in comfort. The overall has adjustable straps, back pocket, chest pocket, hip pockets, ruler pocket and a zip fly. All these features offer handy places to keep pocket accessories in. The bib and brace offer you with practicality and durability in your workwear. To ensure your garment is good for daily usage it has numerous of design features.

If you are looking for something to cover your full body so you can work is peace knowing your skin and under clothing is protected then take a look at our Dickies Overalls. They have concealed stud front, two sing pockets with side access, Pen pocket on sleeve, two chest pockets, one back patch pocket, one ruler pocket and full back elasticated waistband. With all these features you have no excuse on not being able to store things and also you will be able to work in comfort.

Our store is a leading independent company with over 24 years of experience. So why not take a visit to our store and im sure you will find the thing you are looking for. Call us on 01538 266718 or send an email to sales@countrystorewebshop.co.uk if you have any further enquiries.