Dunlop Purofort Wellingtons

Dunlop realised that in the 1980s there was a huge marker for their reinvented polyurethane wellingtons and went on to manufacture their first Purpofort Wellington. Because of its molecule structure the Dunlop Purpofort Wellingtons was really flexible. Not only was they flexible but they were also cut resistant, lightweight and comfortable. Therefore, because all of these reasons they were number one choice for many people. Dunlop Purpofort Wellingtons had a prominent position on the market because they were worn by over 10 million people. The Dunlop team is always trying to improve the design and quality of our boots even further. Dunlop craft wellington boots that offer protection and comfort their customers deserve.

As well as the Dunlop Purpofort Wellingtons being lightweight, they are also good thermal cold insulation and really hardwearing. The rubber work boots are durable, hard wearing wellington work boot. Dunlop Purpofort Wellies are perfect for the agriculture and food processing industries, also ideal for any construction and infrastructure working industry.

Original purpofort certified to the most recent European standards. They feature a steel toecap and midsole for impact protection. The wellingtons are anti-static, energy absorbing and are insulated all the way down to -20 degree.

At Country store we have sell Dunlop Purpofort thermal plus safety wellingtons. These are a strong, durable boot which are worn for a variety of uses within the agricultural sector. The wellingtons feature a steel toecap and midsole for impact and penetration protection. The Dunlop Purpofort thermal plus wellington have great thermal insulation for temperatures all the way down to -50 degrees. As well as a shock absorbing sole that offers comfort for daily uses. The boots also have an easy to clean anti-slip tread for practical use on a farm.