Hoggs of Fife opened up for business in 1888 and have been making clothing and footwear ever since. They aim to create a range of clothing and footwear that are fit for the purpose in the country. Hoggs of fife make sure their footwear and clothing are comfortable, hardwearing and gives you value for the money. Hoggs of fife have a wide range of clothing items from caps to socks, to shirts to waterproof clothing and footwear. Hoggs brand offer the most reliable country clothing and footwear range in the UK and Ireland. In the Hoggs for Fife range you will find everything you need from a day of shooting, hill walking or working on the farm.

Hoggs don’t just focus on the men, they include ladies’ shirts. These shirts offer a comfortable and cosy style. Also talking about clothing it’s a perfect time to mention the Hoggs of fife waxed jackets. These jackets are suitable for walking, working and riding. Hoggs waxed jackets offer a high resistance to water and are hardwearing. As well as practical.

As well as clothing there is footwear. Hoggs offer hiking boots. The hiking boots have a stylish design with having suede and mesh uppers. Coming fully waterproof, breathable and having cushioned insoles makes the hoggs hiking boots an all year-round boot for hiking and other outdoor uses.

If you want to find our more on our range of Hoggs of fife footwear and clothing range then don’t hesitate to call us on 01538 266718 or visit our long family run business.

Hoggs of fife have been on the clothing and footwear scene for a considerable amount of time. Hoggs create a range of apparel fit for purpose in the country, that is not only comfortable and hard wearing but also offers value for money.