Comfort and protection are always a consideration in the Husqvarna brands. They are designed to the highest standards and adhere to the most stringent Euro testing. Husqvarna clothing lets you focus on your work and not your body. The clothing that Husqvarna produce is fully tested for professional use in tough outdoor environments. As well as selling Husqvarna clothing we sell Husqvarna footwear.

Husqvarna footwear is the one to go to if you're looking for protective footwear, don’t look any further. The manufacturer that is based in Stockholm knows how to make good footwear. Husqvarna has a range of footwear from chainsaw boots to Wellington boots. No matter what type of footwear it is they meet the criteria for all outdoor work.

The manufacturer Husqvarna, produces high-quality workwear clothing. Husqvarna workwear makes the hard workers feel comfortable whilst working. Husqvarna has trouser for those who need functional, protective clothing that fits well and can be used for years. These Husqvarna protective waist trousers have reinforced protective material inside with nylon.

At Staffordshire Farm Shop we stand alongside the brand Husqvarna products because of the great quality. If you have any questions please don’t hold back from contacting us today.