v12 Boots

The well known and impressive V12 footwear mission is to create safety footwear, that last when put to the test is also known from the ingenious design. They achieve their mission because of their contemporary design and also having honest practice. As well as always trying to achieve their customer needs.

V12 offers various ranges of footwear. Some of these being; storm boot safety, Bison black safety boots, stallion brown dealer boots, Rancher boots, Rawhide safety boot, Rocky safety boot and Tomahawk Rigger.

The V12 Storm is the boot you should go for if you're looking for a boot for all seasons. The Storm boots are made with a rugged ankle stabiliser, are breathability, comfortable, tough and waterproof.

If your looking for something with extra strength the Bison black safety boots are the ones for you. These are one of the most popular styles. The soft padded tongue and cutaway collar offer extra comfort. Also, if you need your boots to be convenient and speedy then the Bison black boots are definitely the ones for you as we have added a speedy lacing system.

Stallion brown leather boots are designed with a steel toecap but they are still designed for comfort. The stallion boots are great for working all day in comfort and protection.

If you would like more information on our other V12 footwear then don’t think twice about getting in contact with us or coming along to our store and we will happily assist you.